High rise carpet cleaning services in Kelowna - cleaning process

Our 3 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Step I)     Dry vacuum to remove loose particulates, lint and hair.

Step II)    a)  Pre-Treat carpet and allow solution “dwell” time.
                 b)  Agitate carpet fibers to dislodge soiling and stains.

Kelowna carpet cleaning services

Step III  
     a)  Clean Solution Spray and Rinse – a solution that leaves no Sticky Residues - Check the Material Safety Data sheet. It's Totally Safe!

     b) * High- Efficiency Wet Extraction – High-recovery vacuum suction leaves carpets only damp for reduced drying time and maximum soiling removal.

* It is a Simple Fact of Physics that allows a short-hose extractor vacuum unit to be as efficient as a "truck-hauled" pump that often requires long-hoses to reach work areas.

Carpet cleaning services in Kelowna


Capt’n Kleen carpet cleaning process has been developed to facilitate High-rise Condo Carpet Cleaning with the same Excellent Results as Easily Accessible Ground Level Homes! We are located in the Kelowna area. Please contact us for a quote on cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

Kelowna carpet cleaning services for high rise buildings, carpet cleaners

You can't go wrong by calling Marv for an estimate. Ask for carpet cleaning references and remember the Satisfaction Guarantee!

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. 

Commercial offices and condo strata managers will appreciate the process Captn Kleen employs .. known as `Encap`.....Cheaper  and better for the carpeting !

Click the video (the steam age is over...)



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